So you want to adopt a bunny?

Please make your appointments & enquiries through the website or the facebook page. This is done to keep social distancing laws easy to manage.

Please be aware that we are not full of "ready to go" buns, bunny adoption is a process and we want to ensure a suitable match for both you and your bunny.

Please feel free to contact us (via email) the day prior to ensure we have some buns that may be suitable for your given situation, but also be aware that we may not have a chance to get back to you. There are so many people wanting a new pet at the moment that we are flat out.

Please be aware that all buns have lots of interested parties!

We DO NOT hold buns unless you have met them personally & left a deposit.

The our contact number is for emergencies only, not general communication. For general questions, please contact us via email and our website both of which are manned by more than one person. The mobile is only looked after by Carolyn who cannot answer every message with the number of enquiries we receive.

Please make enquiries for products (Pellets etc) through the shop website

Currently Available Buns

While we try our best to update our bunnies available on a regular basis, please be aware that we are solely run by volunteers and at times we become very busy.

Coming soon, in the mean time, please check out our Facebook page. 

What to do if you think one of these Buns (or perhaps 2!) are for you...

If you think you may have a fur-ever home for one of the beautiful buns above, please make an appointment to come and see us at the Refuge.

Your donations are our life line. 

No matter how big or small, every donation helps.